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How does VeriPark serve the financial services industry?

VeriPark enables financial institutions to become digital leaders by delivering world class customer journeys in digital and assisted channels. Our Intelligent Customer Experience suite helps banks and insurers to enhance customer acquisition, retention and cross-sell capabilities with proven, secure and scalable Customer Engagement (CRM), Omni-Channel Transaction Management, Branch Automation & Loan Origination solutions.

We are dedicated exclusively to the financial services industry and work collaboratively with clients to develop innovative technology strategies and solutions, which touch millions of people every day, and bring the promise of digital transformation to life.


Why should your loan origination system be built on top of your CRM?

Traditionally, loan origination systems are built on BPM platforms. While these allow for intensive workflows, they only come into the picture when the customer has already made his decision. They have no concern for lead conversion or cross-selling.

However, the best time to cross-sell to your customers is during the application and origination processes. CRM systems start interacting with the customer during the decision process.

With a CRM-based Loan Origination solution, you can influence customer decisions in the first place and promote upselling and cross-selling through an omni-product view across your loan portfolio and built-in product catalog, using offer chains, product bundles (such as deposits, credit cards, cash management, investments and more). You can manage all loan types through one single CRM platform with all pricing, origination flows and business rules automated.

Bringing together the worlds of loan origination (LOS) and cross-sell (CRM) onto a single platform offers many benefits to both financial institutions as customers.

Financial institutions will be able to improve employee efficiency, reduce error and turn-around time, enable digital and self-service origination and reduce cost of client acquisition.

On the other hand, customer experience will significantly improve, with customized customer journeys, personalized offers leading to lower interest rates, and an omni-channel origination experience allowing them to apply for different loan types from different channels – and switching between these channels at their best convenience.

VeriLoan: an integrated loan origination platform

VeriPark’s integrated solutions offer digital customer onboarding, automated workflows and paperless document management across the entire loan origination process.

VeriLoan is supported by the Microsoft Cloud for FSI, which integrates cloud services across Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

Leveraging Microsoft Power Automate technology, VeriLoan adds robotic process automation (RPA) into your processes and create and automate workflows between hundreds of services and applications including Dynamics 365.

Leveraging the Microsoft Power Apps technology, VeriLoan fully integrates with the sales processes of not only Dynamics 365 but also other CRM solutions.

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